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HAHN Group expands leadership team

Frankfurt, Germany – Bernhard Rupke becomes new Director of the Material Handling Division

Since August 1, 2019, Bernhard Rupke has been managing the Material Handling Division of the HAHN Group, which includes the subsidiary companies Wemo, Waldorf Technik and GeKu. All three subsidiaries of the HAHN Group specialize in the development and construction of automation, robotics and handling systems in plastics processing.

As business and sales manager in various companies, Bernhard Rupke has collected a vast amount of experience on national and international levels.

His career is characterized by stops at ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH and DEMAG ERGOTECH, which operates today as Sumitomo DEMAG. Rupke was responsible for the development of new business areas, the advancement and implementation of corporate strategic direction and the revision of process flows. The graduate engineer looks back on a successful career and knows the business of plastics manufacturing and automation technology best through his experience as managing director of HEKUMA GmbH.

“I am delighted that Bernhard Rupke has accepted the challenge and will now support us as divisional director. With his unique profile he is a perfect fit with our subsidiary companies in the Material Handling division,” states Thomas Hähn, CEO of HAHN Group and founder of HAHN Automation.

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